Operating VxMark w/ Standalone Printing

These instructions are for poll workers in precincts using VxMarks with Standalone Printing.

How Standalone Printing Works

The goal of VotingWorks VxMarks with Standalone Printing is to reduce the amount of bulky hardware you have to carry into and find space for in a precinct. It is perfectly reasonable to have only a single printer for up to 8 VxMark units. The voter flow in a precinct with Standalone Printing goes like this:

  • poll worker encodes a voter card with the right ballot style for a voter using VxEncode, and hands that card to the voter.

  • voter uses the card to activate a VxMark, then fills out their ballot on screen.

  • voter takes their card to the VxPrint station, which prints out their ballot.

  • voter verifies their ballot and deposits it in the ballot box.

Opening Polls

The screen should show Polls Closed.

To open the polls, insert a poll worker card into the VxMark card reader and select Open Polls:

Remove the poll worker card. The screen should now show Insert Card, indicating that polls are open.

Marking a Ballot

The voter should insert their voter card into the VxMark card reader. The ballot style loads immediately and shows the following screen. The voter can press Start Voting to begin voting.

The voter can navigate through the contests:

and eventually reach the review screen:

Tap I'm Ready to Print My Ballot, which will then cause VxMark to write the ballot to the card:

and then instruct the voter to take their card to a printing station:

Closing Polls

Insert a poll worker card and select Close Polls for [precinct name].

Remove the poll-worker card. The screen should read Polls Closed. That's it!