Review Definition & Proof Ballots

Note: the following steps must be completed by the System Administrator.

Once VxAdmin is configured, review the election definition and proof ballots.

First, in the Definition tab, review the Election Metadata.

Then review each contest's data by selecting a contest button. Carefully review the contest to ensure all of the candidates are included, their party labels are correct (if applicable), and their names are spelled correctly.

After each contest's information has been reviewed, take some time to review the ballot samples.

All ballot samples are found in the Ballots tab. The list may be sorted by Precinct or Style using the buttons to the right of Sort number of ballots by:.

To proof or print a ballot, select View Ballotto the left of the ballot to review or use the Print All button to print a copy of each ballot.

The ballot preview will display the ballot, exactly as it will print, for easy proofing and printing. You can toggle between Absentee and Precinct ballots as well as Print or Save the Ballot as PDF.

The All Contests Ballot

One ballot in this view provides a look at all contests across all ballot styles on one ballot. For example, if a county has five county commission districts, this ballot will show each contest on one ballot. It should only be used for display or ballot proofing. It's Precinct and Ballot Styles are listed as All in the list of ballots.

Edit Election Definition

If you find any errors while proofing the definition or ballots, you have one of two options.

If you imported directly from SEMS, you should make changes directly in SEMS, re-export the SEMS files, and then re-configure VxAdmin with the new SEMS files. It's necessary to make edits in SEMS first so that the two systems match when you send files to SEMS at the end of an election.

If you imported a VotingWorks-provided definition file, please reach out to VotingWorks for help editing the election definition.

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