Precinct (VxScan + VxMark) Checklist

This Precinct Checklist is appropriate for any precinct using both VxMark as an accessible ballot-marking device and VxScan as a precinct scanner. The equipment is best tested together, as they need matching configurations and will be used together at the precinct. At this point in logic and accuracy testing, both VxScan and VxMark should already be configured.



Gather Precinct Materials

Set Up Equipment

Using Equipment

Part 1: VxScan - Opening

Part 2: VxMark - Opening and Marking Ballots

Part 3: VxScan - Casting Votes and Closing

Part 4: VxMark - Closing

Part 5: VxScan - Removing Results

Validate results from the USB drives at VxAdmin.

Pack Up and Seal Equipment

Seal Tracking

Seal LocationSeal ColorNumber

Ballot Box Main Opening

Ballot Box Flap 1

Ballot Box Flap 2



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