Ballot Style Sub-Checklist
Each VxMark unit is configured to a particular precinct. The Ballot Style Sub-Checklist should be run for every ballot style that is available at the precinct for which the VxMark unit is configured. This is a sub-checklist of the main Precinct Checklist.
    Confirm all expected contests appear in the correct order
    Confirm all candidate names appear and are spelled correctly
    Confirm each candidate / choice can be selected and deselected
    Confirm the review screen lists all contests
    At the review screen, for each contest
      tap Change, leave blank, tap Review, confirming the contest is left blank
      tap Change, choose a write-in (if appropriate), tap Review, confirm the write-in appears
      tap Change, attempt to select more than the max number of choices, confirm you cannot
      tap Change, make a selection, tap Review
    Tap I'm Ready to Print My Ballot, and confirm the ballot prints.
    Confirm the printed ballot includes the selections made on screen (write down the selections from your review screen on this checklist to make this easier)
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