Export Results

Election Manager exports SEMS-ready results files that can be combined with GEMS-exported results.

Export VotingWorks Results

To export VotingWorks results, scroll to the Export Options section and click Export Results File.

If you haven't inserted a USB stick, you will be prompted to do so. Then, upon confirming, Election Manager will automatically save a results file to the USB stick with a clear filename that includes the date. This filename is displayed on screen for you to note. You may then choose to Eject the USB stick and, when the screen indicates it's safe to do so, you can remove the USB stick.

Combine VotingWorks and GEMS Results

This step applies only if you are utilizing TSX machines for in-person voting alongside VotingWorks Paper for absentee ballots.

You will first need to save your in-precinct TSX results files from GEMS to a USB drive. This does not need to be the same USB disk as the one you use for VotingWorks files, but it can be.

First, you should load into the VotingWorks tabulation screen the results file you got from the GEMS server. This is done by selecting "Load External Results File":

Navigate to the USB stick and find the GEMS results file. It should load alongside your CVR file.

At that point, you can print a combined tabulation report that includes both VotingWorks and GEMS results in one count:

You can also save the combined results using the "Save Results File" button:

You will want to note the filename that Election Manager automatically generates for you, and note the time. This will help you identify the file on the USB stick for uploading to SEMS.

Upload to SEMS

To upload to SEMS, connect the USB drive with exported results and attach the drive to a computer connected to SEMS. Once connected, you will need to copy the results file to your local computer drive as SEMS does not recognize attached drives. You can launch SEMS after you have copied the appropriate results file to your local computer.

In SEMS, navigate to the Election Management view for the corresponding election and click Election Results in the left navigation. From the results view, click Import Results and then browse to the combined-results.csv file on your computer from the subsequent import dialog. Close the import dialog once finished importing.

Your election results should now be presented to you in SEMS. If results are not immediately presented, click the Refresh Wizard Statusin the bottom left of the screen. You should see results after refreshing.