L&A Overview & Checklists

Everything you need to run the full Logic & Accuracy Testing on VxSuite

Logic & Accuracy testing is meant to ensure that every component of the voting system is operating as expected and has been configured properly for a specific upcoming election.

To perform logic & accuracy testing, you will need:

  • Election Manager, including its printer

  • Ballot Scanner, including its scanner

  • All the VxMark, VxEncode, and VxPrint units you will use on Election Day, including printers.

Detailed instructions for how to perform each step are included in this section, under:


The checklists are meant to be printed and checked off using a pen.

If you are using the Integrated Printing Configuration, then for each VxMark:

If you are using the Standalone Printing Configuration, then for each Precinct:

Then, run the Election Manager & Ballot Scanner Checklist.