Final Post-Election Checklist

Processing Late Ballots

  • Scan late absentee and affidavit ballots as new batches.
  • Create a pile of ballots for adjudication as rejected from the scanner.
  • Adjudicate ballots as needed with the resolution board.
  • Scan resolution board ballots.
  • Export CVRs to USB – this should be the combined CVRs of all ballots, election night + late.
  • In Election Manager, clear all CVRs.
  • Import the new set of CVRs.
  • If applicable, load the SEMS file from other machines (e.g. TSX GEMS results).
  • Print an unofficial tally of the ballots.
  • Export combined SEMS file to USB stick.
  • Upload combined SEMS file to SEMS.
  • Mark results official in SEMS.
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