Final Post-Election Checklist

Processing Late Ballots

    Scan late absentee and affidavit ballots, as a new batches on top of the existing batches.
    Create a pile of ballots for adjudication as rejected from the scanner.
    Adjudicate ballots as needed with the resolution board.
    Scan resolution board ballots.
    Export CVRs to USB – this should be the combined CVRs of all ballots, election night + late.
    In Election Manager, clear all CVRs.
    Import the new set of CVRs.
    If applicable, load the SEMS file from other machines (e.g. TSX GEMS results).
    Print an unofficial tally of the ballots.
    Export combined SEMS file to USB stick.
    Upload combined SEMS file to SEMS.
    Mark results official in SEMS.
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