Retaining & Removing Election Files

Retaining Election Files

After certification of an election and before configuring a new election, all election files and data should be saved and configuration files removed from the previous election.

VotingWorks recommends retaining the following files after each election:


To save the recommended VxAdmin files, follow these steps when logged in as an Election Manager:

  1. In the Reports tab, select Save Results

  2. In the Reports tab, select Official Full Election Tally Report, select Save Report as PDF

Next, login as a System Administrator, select Log, and Save Log File.

Log files contain records of user interactions with the machine (e.g., election officials and poll workers unlocking the machine, voters casting ballots, etc.) as well as internal system information (e.g., the status of paper running through the scanner, errors, etc.). A detailed description for each event in the log can be found in Github.

VxCentralScan Backup Files

VxCentralScan backup files are saved on election night. This file includes the CVRs, logs, and ballot images. If the backup file was not saved on election night, simply go to the Admin menu and select Save Backup.

VxScan CVR Files

VxScan CVR files include the VxScan's CVRs, logs, and ballot images. To save the VxScan backup files, setup the VxScan and follow the following steps: 1. Insert an Election Manager Card

2. Insert a USB drive

3. Select Save Backup

Removing Election Files

Each VotingWorks component has a red button to remove election files.

In VxAdmin, login with a System Administrator Card and go to the Definition tab, select Remove Election.

In VxCentralScan, go to the Admin screen, select Delete Election Data from VxCentralScan.

In VxScan, insert an Election Manager Card and select Delete All Election Data from VxScan.

In VxMark, insert an Election Manager Card and select Unconfigure Machine.

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