Mark Results as Official

When you are ready to certify election results, you can mark VxAdmin results as Official to print official results.

You may not add additional CVR files after marking as official so please ensure you are ready to do so!

To mark as official, navigate to the Reports tab and select Unofficial Full Election Tally Report.

Then select Mark Tally Results as Official.

Confirm by selecting Mark Tally Results as Official.

All references in VxAdmin to unofficial results will be changed to official. Note that you can no longer load any additional CVRs at this point, unless you clear all results and start over. You can print an official tally by going to the Reports tab and selecting Official Full Election Tally Report.

To print, click Print Report in the subsequent screen. Official will be displayed at the top of the screen and on the report.

After printing official election results, you can save and upload official election results to SEMS by following the Export Results documentation.

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