VxMark Setup

Part of the Precinct System, the VxMark is an accessible ballot marking device that gives voters the ability to mark their choices and print their ballot from a touchscreen.

Hardware Overview

VxMark is in a self-contained black case and the HP printer is inside a gray rolling case.

VxMark Setup

The VxMark should be set up on a different table than the VxScan, in a place that provides a voter using the device privacy to vote and print a ballot. VxMark can be set up through the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Unbox and setup printer:
    • remove the printer and power cord from the case
    • place the printer on the side of the table closest to the VxScan's location
    • plug the power cord into the back of the printer
    • plug the power cord into an outlet
    • press the power button to turn the printer on
    • load paper into the paper tray
Remove printer and power cord
Plug the power cord into the back of the printer and into an outlet
Press the power button to turn on
2. Setup VxMark:
  • open the case by lifting the latches on the sides and front
Open the case by lifting the latches
  • prepare the components:
    • pull the accessible controller (a) out from the front-left compartment and set it to the left of the case
    • remove the headphones (b) from the travel pouch on top of the screen and plug them into the accessible controller (a)
    • pull the power cord (c) out from the back-left compartment and plug it into an outlet
    • pull the printer cable (d) from the mid-right compartment and connect it to the back of the printer
    • do not remove the card reader (e) from the front-right compartment, no action is required
Prepare components
Plug headphones into accessible controller
  • turn the VxMark on: the power button is located to the middle-right of the screen, next to the printer cord. Run your finger along the side of the screen and press the power button firmly for 1 second and then release. The card reader and accessible controller will light up within 3-5 seconds.
  • remove the privacy screen from the case top (behind the foam)
  • set up the privacy screen
  • store the empty headphone pouch behind the privacy screen
Turn the VxMark on with the power button
Remove the privacy screen
Set up the privacy screen
VxMark hardware setup is complete.