Note: the following steps must be completed by an Election Manager.

To print, view, or save ballots, use an Election Manager card to access VxAdmin. All ballot styles are found in the Ballots tab.

Select three options before printing a ballot:

  • Official or TestorSample

  • Absentee or Precinct

  • Number of copies

Once selected, simply click Print [Number] [Mode] [Type] Ballot(s) to print your desired ballot(s). VxAdmin prints 1 Official Absentee ballot by default. To save a PDF, select Save Ballot as PDF.

Official vs. Test vs. Sample Ballots

Official Ballot

Official ballots should only be printed for marking by voters. These ballots are titled Official Ballot in the top-left ballot corner and will be tabulated when VxScan or VxCentralScan is in Live mode.

The number of official ballots printed can be found under the Reports tab by selecting Printed Ballots Report. The report can be reviewed on screen or printed.

To have official ballots printed by a vendor, use the .pdfs found in the ballot package.

Test Ballot

A test ballot should be used for testing purposes. Test ballots appear the same as an official ballot but are titled Test Ballot in the top-left ballot corner.

Test ballots will not be tabulated by default and are only read by the VxScan or VxCentralScan when in Test mode.

Sample Ballot

A sample ballot should be used for proofing, display, or demonstration use. Sample ballots will not be read by VxScan. Sample ballots are also available as .pdfs in the ballot package. The .pdfs can be used to print them on larger paper.

Absentee vs. Precinct Ballots

An absentee ballot should be used for absentee voting and a precinct ballot should be used for all precinct voters, including affidavit, curbside, and emergency voters. Absentee and precinct ballots are the same with the exception of a label printed in the top-left corner and on every page footer for absentee ballots. With a color printer, the label is printed as white text on purple background. With a black-and-white printer, the label is printed as white text on grey background.

If printing ballots outside of VxAdmin, please review the Ballot Printing Specifications page for important instructions.

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