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Precinct Reporting

On election night, the USB drives will need to be retrieved from the precinct scanners and the ballot boxes secured. The USB drives will be used to tally the results from the precincts.

Open VxScan

VxScan will be returned to election administrators sealed.
Complete the following steps to open VxScan:
  • verify seal number from ballot slot and top zippers
  • remove and save seal from ballot slot and top zippers
  • open top zipper
Verify, remove, and save seal
Open top zipper

Remove & Seal Ballot Bag

Next, complete the following steps to remove and seal the ballot bag:
  • verify and remove the ballot box flap seals
  • remove the ballot box from VxScan
  • zip the ballot box flap closed
  • seal and record the ballot box flap seal
Verify and remove the seals
Remove the ballot box
Zip the ballot box flap, seal and record

Remove USB Drive

With the ballot bag removed, you can now open the scanner compartment by lifting the latches on each side.
Find the USB drive in the center and pull it out.
After you have removed the USB drive, make sure you close the metal enclosure and seal VxScan.