Tally Results

Tallying CVRs

All tabulation functionality in VxAdmin is available within the Tally tab. Select the Tally tab and then select Import CVR Files.
To tally results, each USB drive from the precincts and VxCentralScan must be imported. One at a time, insert the USB drives. A dialog box will pop up and show you each CVR file saved on the USB drive. Select Import next to the file (live election, correct number of ballots, correct time) you'd like to import.
When imported, confirm that the presented file name, CVR count, and precinct(s) are as expected. You may also review the ballot count by precinct and view any unofficial tally reports as desired. Import CVR files from all of your scanners, VxScan and VxCentralScan.
After importing your CVR file(s), scroll to the Unofficial Tally Reports and select View Unofficial Full Election Tally Report.
Select Print Report to print results, Preview Report to view the report on screen, or Save Report as PDF to save the election tally to a USB drive.
The printed report should look like the image below with the election name and the VotingWorks logo.
Printed Unofficial Full Election Tally Report

Separating Absentee from In-Person

You can also print a tabulation report of just the in-person ballots, or just the absentee ballots under Ballot Counts by Voting Method.