Print VxAdmin Test Materials

Before starting the testing process, confirm VxAdmin does not have CVRs loaded. Go to the Reports tab and review the ballot counts. They should all be zero. To print a confirmed zero report, select Unofficial Full Election Tally.

To print the remaining test materials, select the L&A tab and then select List Precinct L&A Packages.

Print Packages for All Precinctsor for a specific precinct.

Each L&A Package will print:

  • Precinct Tally Report (expected results of the precinct)

  • Pre-voted VxMark test ballots

  • Pre-voted hand-marked test ballots

  • Two blank hand-marked test ballots (one remains blank, one is hand-marked by an election administrator to replace a pre-voted hand-marked test ballot)

  • One overvoted hand-marked test ballot

The Full Test Deck Tally Report is the results we expect after scanning all test decks through all systems (VxScan and VxCentralScan). To print the Full Test Deck Tally Report, go to the L&A tab and select Print Full Test Deck Tally Report.

After printing, you can set aside the results report until test deck tabulation.

Last Steps

Verify all of the items above printed for each precinct.

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