Closing Polls

Closing Polls on VxScan

To close the polls on VxScan, a poll worker must insert their Poll Worker card into the card reader. The card must be facing away from the screen.
On the Poll Worker screen that appears, tap Close Polls for [Precinct Name]. Then confirm Save Report and Close Polls:
A Polls Closed Report is saved to the Poll Worker card which includes the number of ballots scanned and the tabulated results of those ballots.

Printing the Polls Closed Report

To print the report, insert the Poll Worker card into a VxMark and tap Print Tally Report:
Two copies of the report will now print from the VxMark's printer in the following format:
Polls Closed Report - Cover Page
Polls Closed Report - Results Page
Polls Closed Report - Automatic Election Results Reporting

QuickResults Reporting

The final page of the polls closed report contains a QR code which contains VxScan's results:
You will use your smartphone camera to read the QR code and report the results:
  1. 1.
    Open the camera app on your phone
  2. 2.
    Point your camera at the QR code and make sure the whole code is in focus.
  3. 3.
    Once your camera recognizes the code, it will try to open the results website. Follow the link to visit the website.
Simply by visiting the website, you are reporting the results. The QR code represents a tamper-proof summary of your precinct's results. While the QR code can be scanned as many times as you would like, the results will only be reported once, and valid QR codes can only be created on a registered VotingWorks machine.

Closing Polls on VxMark

You need to separately close the polls on VxMark. With the Poll Worker card inserted, tap Close Polls for [precinct name]:
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