VxAdmin Checklist - Part 1
This checklist needs to be run only once for the entire jurisdiction. Its purpose is to print materials used for later stages of L&A. Some sections only only apply to jurisdictions using VxScan, and are labelled "VxScan Users Only." For help with these steps, see Printing VxAdmin Test Materials.
    Connect VxAdmin to Printer (model m404dn)
    Confirm Printer has plenty of paper
    Turn on VxAdmin
    Confirm VxAdmin is configured for the appropriate election
    Print Test Decks for All Precincts. This may take a few minutes.
    Print Test Deck Tallies
      Print 1 Test Ballot Deck Tally for All Precincts
      Print 1 Test Ballot Deck Tally for each precinct
    Print an Unofficial Full Election Tally Report as the Zero Report
    Print Additional Test Ballots
      Print 2 Test Ballots from any precinct
        Leave the first blank
        Overvote the second
      Print 2 Test Ballots from each precinct
        Leave the first of each pair blank
        Overvote the second of each pair
    Organize precinct-specific materials by precinct. Each precinct should have:
      Test Ballot Deck Tally
      Test Deck
      Blank Ballot
      Overvoted Ballot
    Confirm that you also have the following materials for the overall election:
      Zero Report
      Test Ballot Deck Tally for All Precincts
      Blank Ballot
      Overvoted Ballot
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