VxAdmin Checklist - Part 1

This checklist needs to be run only once for the entire jurisdiction. Its purpose is to print materials used for later stages of L&A.
  • Turn on VxAdmin and printer (model m404dn)
  • Confirm printer has plenty of ballot weight paper
  • Confirm VxAdmin is configured for the appropriate election
  • Print the following reports and ballot packages
    • Using the Reports tab, print an Unofficial Full Election Tally Report as the Zero Report
    • Using the L&A tab, select List Precinct L&A Packages. Print the L&A Packages for all precincts, or for a specific precinct.
    • Using the L&A tab, select Print Full Test Deck Tally Report to print the expected results after scanning all test ballots.
  • Organize precinct-specific materials by precinct. Each L&A Package should have printed:
    • Precinct Tally Report (expected results of the precinct)
    • Pre-voted VxMark test ballots
    • Pre-voted hand-marked test ballots
    • Two blank hand-marked test ballots (one remains blank, one is hand-marked by an election administrator to replace a pre-voted hand-marked test ballot)
    • One overvoted hand-marked test ballot
  • Confirm that you also have the following materials for the overall election:
    • Zero Report (Unofficial Full Election Tally Report)
    • Full Test Deck Tally Report (expected results of all precincts)
Full Instructions for this checklist can be found on the Print VxAdmin Test Materials page.