VxScan Setup

Part of the Precinct System, the VxScan scans, stores, and tabulates ballots hand marked by voters or ballots printed by voters via the VxMark.

Hardware Overview

VxScan is in a tamper-evident blue container that may be rolled like a suitcase. Inside is an additional tamper-evident blue container used to store scanned ballots.
VxScan with ballot box inside
VxScan and ballot box

VxScan Setup

The VxScan should be set up on its own table and the table should be located somewhere between the privacy booths and the exit to the polling place. VxScan can be set up through the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Open the container:
    • break the seal and record the seal number in the Equipment Seals Log
    • unzip the top compartment
Break the seal
Unzip the top compartment
2. Plug VxScan into the power backup:
  • remove the power cord from the lid pocket
  • plug it into a white outlet in back of the power backup
  • plug the power backup into an outlet
  • turn power backup on
Remove power cord
Plug into a white outlet
Plug power backup into outlet
Turn power backup on
3. Prepare the scanner:
  • lift the screen up so it is facing forward
  • open the front flap and secure it to the velcro at the bottom of the container
  • attach the tray by inserting the posts until you feel the magnets snap in place
Lift the screen up
Attach the tray
4. Ensure ballot bag is sealed into the scanner with one seal on each latch.
If the ballot bag is not secured, contact your election administrator for further instruction.
VxScan hardware setup is complete.