VxScan Setup
VxScan consists of two rigid tamper-evident bags - an inner ballot bag and an outer bag containing the ballot bag and the scanning technology:
For transport, the ballot bag is normally placed inside the scanner bag. It may be rolled like suitcase:

Opening the Outer Bag

Begin by placing the VxScan on a table:
Open the top lid. If there the top lid is sealed, break the seal and record the seal number in the Equipment Seals Log:

Powering On

Remove the power chord from the lid's pocket and plug it into an outlet:
Rotate the screen upward so it is facing forward:
Press the power button on the back of the screen:
The scanner will begin to boot up:

Attaching the Tray

VxScan uses an attachable tray to make it easier for voters to insert their ballots. The tray is typically on top of the scanner bag for transport, as in the pictures above. Remove the tray and set it beside the scanner:
Open the front flap. If it is sealed, break the seal and record the seal number in the Equipment Seals Log. Push the flap down so it stays flat against the front of the scanner:
The tray attaches via screws. With both hands, align the tray so that the plastic nobs fit into the sides of the ballot opening and the screws fit into the screw holes. Tighten the screws until the the tray is tight against the ballot opening and you feel some resistance:

Securing the Ballot Bag

Your jurisdiction may secure the ballot bag before the equipment reaches the precinct. In that case, your ballot bag will already be sealed as in the picture below and you are already done with setup.
In order to secure the ballot bag in place as pictured above:
  1. 1.
    Remove the ballot bag from the outer bag
  2. 2.
    Open the front flap of the ballot bag
  3. 3.
    Put the ballot bag back into the outer bag
  4. 4.
    Place the metal ovals of the outer bag over the metal loops
  5. 5.
    Secure with two seals, one on each side
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