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Election Night Checklist

On election night, you will need the VxCentralScan (laptop and scanner) and VxAdmin (laptop and printer).
  • Confirm VxCentralScan is in Live Mode and says No ballots have been scanned
    • If not, switch the scanner to Live Mode or select Delete Ballot Data from the Admin menu
  • Scan ballots in batches of ~fifty (50)
  • Create a pile of ballots for adjudication as rejected by the scanner
  • Adjudicate ballots with the resolution board
  • Scan resolution board ballots
  • Write down the number ballots scanned by the scanner (on laptop screen)
  • Save CVRs to USB drive
  • Save Backup to USB drive (in Admin menu)

VxScan USB Retrieval

  • Verify seal number from ballot slot and top zippers
  • Remove and save seal from ballot slot and top zippers
  • Open top zipper
  • Verify and remove the ballot box flap seals
  • Remove the ballot box from VxScan
  • Zip the ballot box flap
  • Seal and record the ballot box flap seal
  • Open metal enclosure
  • Remove USB drive
  • Close metal enclosure
  • Secure USB drive as instructed by your election administrator
  • Close the top zipper
  • Seal and record the top and entry flap zippers together

Tallying and Saving Results

  • Verify there are no CVRs on VxAdmin
  • In the Reports tab, print an Unofficial Full Election Tally Report as the Zero Report
  • In the Tally tab, load CVRs from USB drives
  • If applicable, select Load External Results File to save SEMS file from other machines (e.g. TSX GEMS results)
  • In the Reports tab, print an Unofficial Full Election Tally Report for the results
  • Save SEMS Results file to USB drive
  • Upload SEMS file to SEMS