Election Night Checklist
On election night, you will need the VxBatch (laptop and scanner) and VxAdmin (laptop and printer). Then, run this checklist.
  • Set up VxBatch by plugging the laptop and scanner into power and connecting the two via USB
  • Boot up both laptops.
  • Confirm scanner does not say TEST MODE and says No ballots have been scanned
    • If there is a problem, switch the scanner to "Live Mode" or Delete Ballot Data from the Advanced menu
  • Scan all ballots in batches of approximately 50.
  • Create a pile of ballots for adjudication as rejected from the scanner.
  • Adjudicate ballots with the resolution board.
  • Scan resolution board ballots.
  • Write down how many ballots were scanned by the scanner (on ballot scanner laptop screen).
  • Export CVRs to USB stick.
  • Export Backup to USB stick (in Advanced tab).

Tallying and Exporting Results

  • Set up VxAdmin by plugging in the laptop and printer and connecting the two via USB
  • Ensure there are no CVRs imported. If there are, remove them.
  • Print a zero report.
  • Import CVRs from USB drives.
  • If applicable, load SEMS file from other machines (e.g. TSX GEMS results).
  • Print an unofficial tally of all ballots.
  • Export combined SEMS file to USB stick.
  • Upload combined SEMS file to SEMS.
Last modified 6mo ago