Election Night Checklist
On election night, you will need the VxBatch (laptop and scanner) and VxAdmin (laptop and printer). Then, run this checklist.
    Set up VxBatch by plugging the laptop and scanner into power and connecting the two via USB
    Boot up both laptops.
    Confirm scanner does not say TEST MODE and says No ballots have been scanned
      If there is a problem, switch the scanner to "Live Mode" or Delete Ballot Data from the Advanced menu
    Scan all ballots in batches of approximately 50.
    Create a pile of ballots for adjudication as rejected from the scanner.
    Adjudicate ballots with the resolution board.
    Scan resolution board ballots.
    Write down how many ballots were scanned by the scanner (on ballot scanner laptop screen).
    Export CVRs to USB stick.
    Export Backup to USB stick (in Advanced tab).

Tallying and Exporting Results

    Set up VxAdmin by plugging in the laptop and printer and connecting the two via USB
    Ensure there are no CVRs imported. If there are, remove them.
    Print a zero report.
    Import CVRs from USB drives.
    If applicable, load SEMS file from other machines (e.g. TSX GEMS results).
    Print an unofficial tally of all ballots.
    Export combined SEMS file to USB stick.
    Upload combined SEMS file to SEMS.
Last modified 3mo ago