Save Ballot Package

Note: the following steps must be completed by an Election Manager.

Save Ballot Package

To configure VxCentralScan and VxScan you must first save the ballot package from VxAdmin to a USB drive. Navigate to the Ballots tab in VxAdmin and select Save Ballot Package.

You will be prompted to insert a USB drive. Once you insert a USB drive, the screen updates and prompts you to save the ballot package. Select Save.

VxAdmin will generate the ballot package of all ballot styles, saving it automatically on the USB drive. You don't need to worry about the exact file location, but if you do want to look for it later, the file will be saved inside the ballot-packages folder.

Once the file is saved, VxAdmin prompts you to eject the USB drive. Select Eject USB.

After a few seconds, it is safe to remove the USB drive.

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