Assisting Voters

Casting Ballots

VxScan is ready to accept a new ballot whenever it displays Insert Your Ballot Below:
A voter can then push their ballot onto the tray and into the scanner. When a ballot is properly inserted, the scanner will grip onto the ballot. If a ballot is inserted at an angle, the scanner may push the ballot back into the voter's hands without scanning, in which case all the voter needs to do is re-insert their ballot. VxScan will then scan the ballot by pulling it inward, and show the following screen:
If the ballot has no errors, the ballot will go into the ballot bag and the screen will show that the ballot has been accepted:
After a few moments, VxScan will return to the "Insert Your Ballot Below" screen in preparation for the next voter.
If the ballot was not accepted because of an an issue, the scanner will push the ballot back toward the voter but maintain a grip on it. There could be any of the following issues with the ballot:

Overvoted Ballots

The scanner recognized more than the acceptable number of votes for a particular race. For example, a voter marked two candidates in a race where they must make a single choice. The voter may have not noticed they made two marks for a single race. More commonly, the voter may have made accidental marks on another bubble. VxScan will warn the voter and indicate which races have too many votes:
At that point, the voter can pull their ballot away from the scanner. Depending on the applicable laws and regulations, they may void the problematic ballot and mark their votes on a new ballot.
The voter could also choose to cast their overvoted ballot despite errors. When they do this, their votes are counted in contests for which their ballot has no errors and their votes are not counted in contests for which their ballot has errors. For example, if a ballot has too many votes for mayor but is otherwise acceptable, none of the votes for mayor will be counted but the rest of the ballot will be counted normally. The voter should tap Count Ballot and then confirm at the following screen:
After a ballot is cast and VxScan is done processing it, the screen will return to the "Insert Your Ballot Below" screen and VxScan is ready to accept another ballot.

Blank Ballots

The scanner did not recognize any choices marked in the bubbles of the ballot. The voter may have circled or underlined the names of their choices instead of filling in the bubbles. Also, the voter may have used a writing utensil whose marks are ignored by the scanner, like a red-inked pen. VxScan will warn the voter that their ballot appears blank:
The voter can then remove their ballot in order to re-mark it or obtain a new ballot to mark.

Using VxMark

Activating a Ballot Style

If a voter chooses to use the accessible ballot-marking device, you'll need to use your Poll Worker card to activate the appropriate ballot. The screen will initially display the following:
Insert the Poll Worker card to open the Poll Worker screen, which will display all available ballot styles for this precinct under the Choose Ballot Style heading:
Tap the desired ballot style, and the screen changes to indicate that the VxMark has been activated with that ballot style:
Remove the Poll Worker card and let the voter know they can begin voting by tapping the Start Voting button:

Voting Instructions

The voter will be presented with one contest at a time. They will make a selection by tapping on their choice:
The voter moves to the next contest by tapping the Next button. They can skip a contest by moving to the Next without making a selection. To return to a previous contest, they can tap the Back button.
After working through all contests, a Review Your Votes screen appears that allows the voter to change any of their selections:
When done reviewing, the voter taps I'm Ready to Print My Ballot . The ballot should then begin printing. Once it's done printing, the screen will display instructions for the voter to cast their ballot:
The voter may press the Done button if they wish, but it's not required. The screen will automatically refresh to the starting point after a few seconds.
The voter should take their printed ballot and review it one final time. They should then be directed toward the VxScan or ballot box.
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