Hand-marked or machine-marked paper ballots and a scanner to tabulate both.

This guide walks you through the complete process to set up, test, and operate on election day.

If have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the VotingWorks Team by emailing [email protected] or calling (510) 426-9991.

VotingWorks Overview

VotingWorks consists of:

  1. Election Manager: a printer and laptop for preparing, proofing and printing ballots on-demand. The Election Manager is also used for tabulation and combining results with in-person voting systems.

  2. VxMarkPrint: a ballot-marking device that voters use to mark a ballot on screen and print it to paper.

  3. Ballot Scanner: a scanner and laptop for batch scanning ballots, either hand-marked or machine-marked, and producing Cast Vote Record (CVR) files showing how each ballot was scanned.

Optionally, VotingWorks also includes:

  1. VxEncode: a poll-worker system for encoding voter cards that can be used to activate VxMark without the poll worker having to walk over to the voting station.

  2. VxMark instead of VxMarkPrint: a ballot-marking device without a printer that saves the voter's choices to their voter card instead of printing it immediately.

  3. VxPrint: a separate printing station where voters can use their voter card to print their ballot. A precinct needs only a single printer, rather than one per voting station.

Election Manager
Ballot Scanner
VxMark Ballot Marking Device