Configure VxScan

The following steps must be completed by an Election Manager.

Before you configure VxScan, you must setup the machine. Follow the steps in the Poll Worker VxScan Setup Guide.

To configure VxScan, you must do two things:

Loading The Election Package

An unconfigured machine will prompt you to insert an Election Manager Card to log in and then a USB drive with the election package saved from VxAdmin to configure.

Only one USB drive should be plugged into VxScan at a time. The other USB port is designed as a backup in the event of a failure.

After you insert the USB drive, VxScan will automatically begin loading all ballot styles for the election. After the election package is done loading, the Election Manager Settings screen will display in Test Ballot Mode.

Setting Mode

Use the toggle button to switch between Test Ballot Mode and Official Ballot Mode. The machine must be in Official Ballot Mode on Election Day. Review the L&A Overview instructions to understand which mode to use during L&A testing.

Remove Election Data & Configuration

There are two ways to remove the election package, unconfigure the machine, and delete all data on the VxScan. To remove election configuration (and all data) from VxScan with the Election Manager Card:

To remove the election configuration (and all data) from VxScan with a System Administrator Card:

You can now re-configure VxScan with a different election package.

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