Configure VxAdmin

The following steps must be completed by the System Administrator.

For each election, you will configure VxAdmin by loading an election package. VxAdmin is generally compatible with state election file data or a file format provided by VotingWorks. State specific instructions are provided separately.

Load Election Files

When VxAdmin is not configured, the screen will prompt you to insert a USB containing an election package.

After inserting the USB drive, VxAdmin will automatically list the election package(s) available. Select the File Name of the correct election package to configure VxAdmin.

If the file is not automatically listed, select Select Other File... and manually select the file from the USB drive.

Once configured, the Election screen will display the title and date of your election as well as the date and time VxAdmin was configured.

Remove Election

If you need to change an election package or reset VxAdmin for the next election, you must remove the unconfigure the machine.

Select Election from the side menu and select Unconfigure Machine.

After confirming the removal of the election package and results data, you will return to the initial VxAdmin Election screen. VxAdmin can be reconfigured by loading a new election package by repeating the steps above.

If at any point, the VxAdmin laptop becomes unresponsive, simply press the power button for one second and release. Don't hold the button down. Once the laptop has shutdown, press the power button again to restart.

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