Configure VxCentralScan

The following steps must be completed by the Election Manager.

Save Election Package

To configure VxCentralScan, you must first save the election package from VxAdmin to a USB drive.

Load Election Package

Once the election package is saved to a USB drive, you can load the file to VxCentralScan.

Setup the VxCentralScan hardware and turn on the VxCentralScan laptop. Insert an Election Manager Card to configure VxCentralScan will be displayed.

Using an Election Manager Card, unlock the machine. Then follow the prompt to insert the USB drive with the election package. The election package will automatically load.

VxCentralScan is now configured and in Test Mode. The screen will show No ballots have been scanned and election summary information (name, date, jurisdiction, etc.) will be shown in the bottom left corner of the screen.

VxCentralScan is now ready for scanning.

Remove Election

To remove an election package and reset VxCentralScan:

You can now re-configure VxCentralScan with a different election package.

VxCentralScan may also be unconfigured with a System Administrator Card and selecting Unconfigure Machine from the System Administrator screen.

If at any point, the VxCentralScan laptop becomes unresponsive, simply press the power button for one second and release. Don't hold the button down. Once the laptop has shutdown, press the power button again to restart.

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