Write-In Adjudication

The following steps must be completed by the Election Manager.

Ballots with a write-in bubble filled in or a mark on the write-in line must be adjudicated in VxAdmin after CVRs have been uploaded. To start the write-in adjudication process, log in with an Election Manager Card and select Write-ins from the side menu.

If a contest had write-in votes cast, an Adjudicate x button will appear to the right of the contest. The number indicates how many votes there are to adjudicate. Select Adjudicate x to the right of the contest to start the adjudication process.

The adjudication process is the recording of what the voter wrote in the write-in space. The contest area will be highlighted for each ballot. Select Zoom Out to see the entire ballot or a larger view of the written vote. Select Previous or Next to move to or go back to a ballot.

The screen will display quick buttons for the official candidates on the ballot. If the voter wrote in an official candidate, simply select the correct one to award the vote to that candidate. If the voter wrote in a candidate not on the ballot, select Add new write-in candidate to enter the name. Once recorded, a button is created for that name and can be selected if written in on another ballot. Select Mark write-in invalid to mark a name not allowed under state law or rule, a stray mark, an empty space, or any other invalid entry as invalid.

As more candidates are added, scrolling will be required to view all selections.

If the write-in is for an official candidate and the system also detects a mark for the official candidate, the following message will appear:

Select Close to return to the contest menu.

Write-in votes without the bubble marked are not included in tally reports until they are vote is assigned via adjudication. Anything marked invalid becomes an undervote if no other votes were marked in a contest.

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