Supply List

Ballot Printing in Bulk (From External Printer)

When using a third party printer, VotingWorks recommends printing ballots on paper between 28# Bond (105 GSM) - 65# Cover (177 GSM) for the best voter experience. The commonly available paper weights in this range are:

  • 28# Bond (105 GSM)

  • 32# Bond (120 GSM)

  • 100# Text (140 GSM)

  • 40# Bond (150 GSM)

  • 90# Index (162 GSM)

  • 65# Cover (177 GSM)

Marking Utensils

There is no specific recommendation for a marking utensil but it should be an ink pen that dries quickly. No markers.

Seal & Port Blocker Requirements

The VxScan, ballot box, and VxAdmin and VxCentralScan cases should be secured with tamper evident numbered pull-tight seals like this: VxAdmin and VxCentralScan micro SD slots should be secured with transfer tamper evident sticker seals like this: VxAdmin and VxCentralScan laptop ports should be blocked with port blockers like this:

Toner Cartridges

The HP printers for the VxAdmin (if purchased) use toner cartridge 58. HP offers two sizes:

  • HP 58A - regular size, prints approximately 3000 pages

  • HP 58X - high yield, prints approximately 10000 pages

USB Drive Recommendations and Compatibility

VotingWorks supports any USB 3.0+ drive that is 16GB or greater.

Larger capacity drives may be necessary when scanning large volumes (over 10,000) of ballots on VxCentralScan.

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