L&A Overview

Logic & accuracy testing (L&A) is meant to ensure that every component of the voting system is operating as expected and has been configured properly for a specific election. Testing rules vary by jurisdiction and/or state. The following functions may be useful as tests are conducted.

VxAdmin Tally Report

Before starting the testing process, using an Election Manager Card, confirm VxAdmin does not have CVRs loaded. Select Reports from the side menu and select Full Election Tally Report to print a "zero" report.

Test Ballot v. Official Ballot Mode

VxScan and VxCentralScan can be placed into Test Ballot Mode to only accept test ballots. If official ballots are used for testing, Official Ballot Mode should be used. VxScan and VxCentralScan default to test mode after configuration.

In VxScan, insert an Election Manager Card, select Configuration from the side menu, and select the correct mode.

In VxCentralScan, insert an Election Manager Card, select Settings from the side menu, and select Toggle to Official Ballot Mode.

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