User Roles

Arlo has three types of user roles. Depending on the audit, users may play multiple roles.

Audit Administrator

The audit administrator is responsible for setting up the audit, monitoring progress during the file upload and ballot retrieval process, starting additional rounds of auditing, and downloading the final audit results.

Audit administrator user credentials are set up by VotingWorks.

Jurisdiction Manager

The jurisdiction manager is responsible for uploading all necessary files prior to the audit and coordinating the retrieval of ballots/batches and associated data entry.

Jurisdiction manager user credentials are set up by audit administrators as participants in the audit setup process.

Audit Board

The audit board is responsible for retrieving ballots and entering their marks into Arlo.

Audit board user credentials are set up by jurisdiction managers by selecting the number of audit boards.

Tally Entry

In batch comparison audits, the audit board may not be designated to enter batch tallies into Arlo. Tally entry user account(s) can be created as needed to enter batch tallies. The Jurisdiction Manager may also enter batch tallies.

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