Target Contests

The target contests are the required contests to be audited. Target contests will drive the ballot retrieval sample size and require the risk limit to be met.

For each targeted contest, you’ll enter the contest name, number of winners, number of votes allowed, the name and votes for each candidate, and total number of ballots cast (not required for batch comparison). Write-in candidates should also be included if any were awarded votes. Generally only a single "Write-In Candidate" category is needed. The total ballot cards cast should be the total number of ballots in your ballot manifest, even ballots that do not contain the contest.

If a contest has more than two choices, select Add a new candidate/choice to add more lines.

Note: for hybrid audits, the Contest Name field will be a drop down menu populated from the standardized contest file.

For batch comparison audits, the Names of Candidates/Choices will drive the required candidate headers in the contest totals by batch file. The candidate totals by batch file's headers must match the candidate names entered at this step.

The last step in setting up a targeted contest is to select which jurisdictions have that contest on the ballot.

  1. Select Select Jurisdictions

  2. If the contest is in all jurisdictions, use the Select all checkbox. Otherwise, select jurisdictions individually.

  3. Select Save & Next

If more than one contest is targeted for audit, use the Add another targeted contest button to add additional targeted contests before selecting Save & Next.

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