Batch Tally Entry into Arlo

Batch entry into Arlo for batch comparison audits and full manual tally is completed by the Jurisdiction Manager and not the audit board(s).

The tallies for each batch selected for audit must be entered into Arlo to conclude the audit. Tallies can be entered by audit boards, specified tally entry users, and/or jurisdiction managers.

To create tally entry accounts for audit boards or specified tally entry users, select Set Up Tally Entry Accounts on the Set Up Tally Entry Accounts screen. If the Jurisdiction Manager will be entering tallies, select Skip.

The Jurisdiction Manager should provide the Tally Entry User(s) with the login link displayed on the screen (each link is unique to the jurisdiction). Then the Tally Entry User(s) should Log In by entering their name(s) and party affiliation (if required). A login code will be provided, the Jurisdiction Manager should enter that code to authenticate the Tally Entry User(s) by selecting Enter Login Code, entering the code, and selecting Confirm to complete the login process.

To enter the candidate totals for a batch, select the batch from the list on the left hand side of the Enter Tallies screen or use the search batches function. Remember, the name of the batch is printed on the Batch Tally Sheet. Select Edit Tallies, enter the vote totals from the Batch Tally Sheet and select Save Results. Once all batches have been entered and reviewed, a Jurisdiction Manager can select Finalize Tallies.

If multiple Audit Board Batch Tally Sheets were used to tally a batch, select the drop down next to Edit Tallies and select Use Multiple Tally Sheets to enter more than one tally sheet. Edit the name at the top to identify who completed the Batch Tally Sheet being entered, enter the votes, and select Save Sheet (the Edit Tallies button changes to Save Sheet after selection). Select Sheet 2 to add another Batch Tally Sheet. Select +Add Sheet to add another Tally Sheet as needed. The Vote Totals tab is the sum of votes for all sheets entered.

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