Batch Entry into Arlo
Batch entry into Arlo for batch comparison audits and full manual tally is completed by the Jurisdiction Manager and not the audit board(s).
The tallies for each batch selected for audit must be entered into Arlo to conclude the audit. Jurisdiction Managers must login to Arlo to enter the tallies.
Batch Comparison
Full Hand Tally
Enter the votes for each candidate for each batch and click Submit Data for Round 1 when complete.
    Click “Add batch” to add a new batch
2. When the data entry window appears, enter the counts for each batch. Batch Type is an optional field.
3. Click Save Batch after you are done entering data for each batch.
4. The entered batch will appear on the batch list on screen.
To edit a batch already entered, click the Edit button next to the batch name. Use the +Add batch button to record the next batch.
5. When all batches for your jurisdiction are recorded, click Finalize Results.
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