Pre-Audit Files

The following are checklists for use in creating pre-audit files for upload into Arlo.

Ballot Manifest Creation

  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Title columns based on your audit type
  • Enter a name for every batch of ballots tabulated, the number of ballots in that batch, and any other required information for your audit type
    • Include any late-tabulated batches (ex. provisional ballots that counted, late arriving absentees, etc.)
  • Check the total number of ballots in the ballot manifest to ensure it matches the total number of ballots tabulated (do not include a totals row in the manifest)
  • Save as a .csv file
  • Upload into Arlo when prompted

Cast Vote Record Preparation

For ballot comparison and hybrid audits only.
  • Export from voting system

Candidate Totals by Batch Creation

For batch comparison audits only.
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Title column A "Batch Name" and additional columns each candidate name as provided by your audit administrator
  • Verify each batch from your ballot manifest is included and the names match
  • Save as a .csv file
  • Upload into Arlo when prompted