Uploading Files into Arlo

Once your file(s) have been created and have been saved as .csv files, they’re ready for upload into Arlo.

Login to Arlo

Click the Browse button and navigate to the ballot manifest .csv file that you created. Once selected, click Upload File.

Additional Files

Ballot comparison and hybrid audits require an upload of CVRs.

Under Cast Vote Records, select your CVR File Type, then click the Browse button to navigate to your CVR file. Once selected, click Upload File.

Upload completion

When the upload(s) are successful, a message will appear at the top of the screen that says “1/1 or 2/2 files successfully uploaded.”

After you upload, if you find a mistake in the files, log back in and use the Replace File button to update the file.

If you are having problems uploading the file(s), verify you have saved the spreadsheet in .csv format, your columns are named correctly, and make sure there are no extra columns or rows. If you continue to have problems with your manifest, CVRs, or candidate totals by batch files, please send the file to rla@vx.support for review.

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