The following are checklists for audit board activities.

Ballot Retrieval

  • Check out ballot container with ballots to audit

  • Perform chain of custody tasks and open the container

  • Retrieve ballots

  • Close, reseal, and perform chain of custody tasks on the container

  • Repeat until all ballots are retrieved

Ballot Entry into Arlo

  • Record voter marks on a tally sheet (if applicable)

  • Use the Audit Board Credential sheet to login to Arlo

  • Enter the audit board member names and select party affiliation (if required)

  • Click Start Auditing

  • Enter the ballot marks for the current ballot displayed on the screen

  • Review the information entered for the ballot for accuracy

  • Click Submit & Next

  • Repeat until all ballots are entered

  • Click Auditing Complete - Submit Results

  • Enter the audit board member names exactly as you entered them at the start

  • Click Sign Off