File Upload Progress

Once the participant list is uploaded, the audit admin can monitor the file upload progress from the Audit Progress screen.

Below the map on the Audit Progress screen is a list of all jurisdictions and the various stages in the upload process they've completed.

Status: 0/2 files uploaded - jurisdiction has not logged in to Arlo and uploaded either file. 1/2 files uploaded - jurisdiction has only uploaded the ballot manifest.

Note: for ballot polling, only the ballot manifest upload is required.

2/2 files uploaded - jurisdiction has successfully uploaded their audit files. Upload failed - jurisdiction has attempted to upload one or more of the files but an error was found.

To review the files, select the Jurisdiction Name. Then select Download under the file name to review.

Ballots in Manifest is the total number of ballots the jurisdiction has in their manifest. This should match their number of ballots tabulated. If the expected ballots were entered into the Participant file, that colum will also be displayed with a third column showing the difference.

Information on the progress screen can be sorted in many different ways, as well as downloaded into a .csv file. Sort order will be maintained when the screen is refreshed.

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