Prepare Audit Materials

Once the audit has been launched, each jurisdiction must login to download and print their audit materials.

Login to Arlo

Download and Print your Audit Materials

Choose the number of audit boards. The audit board setup is used to divide the retrieval and tally tasks. When large amounts of ballots are being audited, more teams should be utilized. One audit board can generally pull 20-25 ballots/hr.

Ballot retrieval list - a list of all of the ballots that need to be retrieved in the jurisdiction. This list should be distributed to all audit boards.

Placeholder sheets - ready to print placeholder sheets for use in ballot retrieval. We recommend printing on bright colored paper.

Ballot labels - ready to print ballot labels for use in ballot retrieval. We recommend brightly colored removable labels (Avery 6479).

Audit board credentials - a QR code and url for use by the audit boards to complete the data entry for each ballot pulled.

Note: For full hand tally, there are no materials to download.

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