Review & Launch

After all setup screens are completed and all jurisdictions have uploaded their files, it is time to launch the audit.

First, take a moment to review all of the audit settings for accuracy. Arlo provides all of the details for final review.

Note: For ballot comparison and hybrid audits, some contest names in the CVR files may not match the standardized contest names. To match contest names to the CVR files, simply click on Standardize Contest Names.

And match the contests not found with the contest name in the CVR file.

The sample size for each contest will be displayed on the screen.

For ballot polling audits, the BRAVO (Ballot-polling Risk-limiting Audits to Verify Outcome) sample size is the most efficient number of ballots the RLA math thinks is necessary to complete the audit. Some jurisdictions choose to use that sample size knowing there is a higher possibility of needing to do an additional round of sampling to attain the risk limit. Arlo provides options, allowing you to pick a larger sample size for the first round to create a smaller possibility of retrieving ballots in a second round.

When the margin of the contest being audited is close, Arlo may warn you that a full hand tally is necessary.

Note: a full hand tally can only be completed on one contest and as a ballot polling or batch comparison audit. If auditing multiple targeted contests, remove either the contest(s) requiring a full hand tally or the contest(s) not requiring a full hand tally to proceed. Start a new batch comparison audit to complete a full hand tally for ballot comparison or hybrid audits.

At this point, there are two options. The first is Preview Sample. This allows for a quick check to ensure the sample appears correct. A list of jurisdictions and their sample size will be displayed.

Select Launch Audit to officially begin the audit.

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