In order to begin the audit, Arlo needs to know the participants. A participant (or Jurisdiction Manager) is usually a county or local jurisdiction responsible for creating their own pre-audit files and coordinating the retrieval of ballots. Prepare a participant list by creating a two column spreadsheet. The first column titled “Jurisdiction” and the second column titled “Admin Email.” The email address should be the email the user wants to use to retrieve login information. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.

An optional third column, titled Expected Number of Ballots can be added to the participant list. This number will help audit administrators compare the total number of ballots in the jurisdiction manager's ballot manifest with some other source of truth (ex. election night reporting, epollbook check-ins, voter history, etc.) quickly.

When the spreadsheet is ready, complete the steps in the Participants section of Arlo, as follows:

  1. Select Browse and locate the participants .csv file created.

  2. Select Upload File.

  3. Select Next.

The completion of this step allows participants to begin to upload pre-audit files into Arlo. The remaining setup tasks may be completed during the upload process and before the audit begins.

The participant file can be updated as often as necessary prior to the launch of the audit.

Note: a jurisdiction can have as many jurisdiction managers as necessary to complete the required tasks.

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