Supplies Required
A number of supplies are needed to assist in the above tasks. Supplies will be listed for each role.

Room Setup

  • Signage for designated monitors to sign in (provided)
  • Designated monitor sign-in sheets (provided)
  • Name tags for staff
  • Tape for signs
  • Pens

Check In/Out Station:

  • Ballot Container Inventory Sheet (provided)
  • Laptop with internet access to connect to Arlo
  • Pens

Audit Boards:

  • Ballot placeholders (provided) [print in color when possible]
  • Audit Board Batch Sheets (provided)
  • Attention signs (provided) [print on different colored cardstock when possible]
  • File folders or envelopes for write-in, duplicated, and undetermined ballots
  • Labels for the file folders (provided)
  • Sortkwik and/or rubber fingers
  • Container openers
  • Container seals
  • Colored pens [red is recommended]

Vote Review Panel:

  • Vote Review Board Tally Sheet (provided)
  • List of Valid Presidential Write-in Candidates (provided)
  • Qualified Write-in Candidate Tally Sheet (provided)
  • Colored Pens (RED)
  • Baskets or box lids to keep processed/unprocessed envelopes/folders organized
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