Supplies Required
A number of supplies are needed to assist in the above tasks. Supplies will be listed for each role.

Room Setup

    Signage for designated monitors to sign in (provided)
    Designated monitor sign-in sheets (provided)
    Name tags for staff
    Tape for signs

Check In/Out Station:

    Ballot Container Inventory Sheet (provided)
    Laptop with internet access to connect to Arlo

Audit Boards:

    Ballot placeholders (provided) [print in color when possible]
    Audit Board Batch Sheets (provided)
    Attention signs (provided) [print on different colored cardstock when possible]
    File folders or envelopes for write-in, duplicated, and undetermined ballots
    Labels for the file folders (provided)
    Sortkwik and/or rubber fingers
    Container openers
    Container seals
    Colored pens [red is recommended]

Vote Review Panel:

    Vote Review Board Tally Sheet (provided)
    List of Valid Presidential Write-in Candidates (provided)
    Qualified Write-in Candidate Tally Sheet (provided)
    Colored Pens (RED)
    Baskets or box lids to keep processed/unprocessed envelopes/folders organized
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