Ballot Entry into Arlo

The ballot mark for each ballot selected for audit must be entered into Arlo to conclude the audit. Arlo is flexible and allows the audit board to enter ballots as they are retrieved or the system allows you to skip and return to ballots that have not been retrieved yet.

Jurisdiction Admins must print the audit board credentials for each audit board.

Using the audit board credentials provided, the audit board enters ballots into Arlo as follows:

  1. Use the QR code or type the randomly generated url into your toolbar. This is different for everyone - do not use the url or QR code in the example.

2. Enter audit board member information. We recommend two people complete this task to ensure accurate data entry. Complete Party Affiliation information as required by your state.

3. Click Start Auditing to begin entering ballots.

Ballot Card Data Entry Screen Overview

There is a Ballot Card Data Entry screen for each ballot. Under Current ballot the batch name and ballot number of the ballot being audited is listed. If the ballot has not been retrieved, use the “ballot not found - move to next ballot” button. Use the “return to audit overview” screen to return to the full list of ballots selected for audit.

  1. Select the candidate(s) marked on the ballot. Both audit board members should agree. Then click review.

  2. On the verification screen, review the ballot information for accuracy and click Submit & Next Ballot.

3. Once all ballots have been audited, click Auditing Complete - Submit Results.

4. Enter auditor names exactly as they were entered at the start and click Sign Off.