VxBatch Checklist
The VxBatch Checklist should be run for each VxBatch. If your VxBatch is not yet set up or configured, see VxBatch Hardware Setup and Configuring VxBatch.
    Recombine VxMark + VxScan test decks from each precinct into one batch of ballots. You may also print new test decks - 1 from VxAdmin and 1 from any VxMark - if that is easier.
    Connect VxBatch to its scanner
    Turn on the VxBatch laptop and the scanner
    Confirm that VxBatch is configured for the appropriate election
    Click Toggle to Test Mode from the Advanced menu
    Scan Both Test Decks (machine-marked from VxMark and hand-marked from VxAdmin)
    Confirm the count of scanned ballots is twice the number of ballots in a single test deck
    Export the CVR file to a USB Drive
    Scan the blank ballot
      Confirm it shows up as blank
      Choose Original Ballot Removed.
    Scan the overvoted ballot
      Confirm it shows up as an overvote
      Choose Original Ballot Removed.
    Click Toggle to Live Election Mode in the Advanced menu
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