Scan Test Deck

Before scanning your test deck, first confirm that the election information in the footer corresponds with the election you want to perform L&A testing for. If the machine is not configured, please follow the instructions to configure your ballot scanner for the election.

Toggle Test Mode

All test deck scanning must be performed in test mode. To change modes, click Advanced in the top right and then click Toggle to Test Mode under Advanced Options. Changing modes zeros out all existing scans in the previous mode.

Advanced Button
Toggle to Test Mode

Once in test mode, confirm that TEST MODE is shown at the top of the screen and No ballots have been scanned.

Ballot Scanner in Test Mode

Scan Test Deck

Before scanning, take at least one ballot from the test deck and flip it upside down, then replace on the stack. Next, take at least one ballot from the test deck and flip it back to front, then replace on the stack.

Load the stack of ballots into the feeder tray of the scanner. VotingWorks recommends loading no more than 50 ballot sheets at at time.

From the Ballot Scanner, click Scan New Batch. Ballots will feed through the scanner automatically and the number of ballots scanned within each batch will progress onscreen. The batch is finished scanning when a timestamp is presented under the Finished At header for that particular batch. Repeat the scanning process for as many batches are necessary to finish scanning all ballots in the test deck.

Test Mode Scanned Batches

Once finished scanning, confirm that the ballot count listed onscreen matches the number of ballot sheets in the test deck.

Export Cast Vote Record

Before exporting, first insert a USB drive into the USB port on Ballot Scanner and confirm No USB changes to Eject USB.

To export the Cast Vote Record (CVR) of scanned results, click Export in the top right. In the file dialog, open the USB drive and click Save. The file name will be cvrs-[election-name].jsonl. Once saved, click Eject USB and remove the USB drive from Ballot Scanner.

Export CVR