Print VxMark Test Decks
The VxMark test deck can be printed at any VxMark unit.
Before printing, first make sure you have configured a VxMark unit. If you're not sure how to configure the VxMark, see VxMark: Configuration.
Turn on your VxMark and insert the Admin Card. The Admin screen should come up. Verify the election ID in the lower-left-hand corner, and that you're in testing mode:
Tap View Test Ballot Decks, which then shows you a list of Test Ballot Decks.
You can select All Precincts or choose a precinct, which then leads to the following screen.
The number of ballots depends on your number of precincts and ballot styles. Tap Print ... ballots and the test deck will then print. Depending on your number of ballots, this may take a few minutes.
You now have a test deck of BMD ballots ready to scan.
Last modified 4mo ago
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