Standalone-Printer Per Ballot Style Checklist

Each VxMark unit is configured to a particular precinct. This checklist should be run for every ballot style that is available at the precinct for which the VxMark unit is configured.

It is a subchecklist of the Standalone-Printer per-VxMark Checklist.

  • Use one of the VxEncodes to encode a voter card with this ballot style.

  • Insert the voter card into the VxMark.

  • Confirm all expected contests appear in the correct order

  • Confirm all candidate names appear and are spelled correctly

  • Confirm each contest choice can be selected and deselected

  • Confirm the review screen lists all contests

  • At the review screen, for each contest

    • tap Change, leave blank, tap Review, confirming the contest is left blank

    • tap Change, choose a write-in (if appropriate), tap Review, confirm the write-in appears

    • tap Change, attempt to select more than the max number of choices, confirm you cannot

    • tap Change, make a selection, tap Review

  • Tap I'm Ready to Print My Ballot, and confirm the screen shows the ballot saving to card.

  • Take the voter card and insert into one of the VxPrints, confirm it prints the ballot.

  • Confirm the printed ballot includes the selections made on screen (write down the selections from your review screen on this checklist to make this easier)