Standalone-Printer Precinct Checklist

In the standalone-printer configuration, L&A testing is easiest when all the machines for a given precinct are tested together, one precinct at a time.

This checklist should be run for each precinct. You need Admin and Poll Worker cards.

  • Gather and Set Up all VxEncodes, VxMarks, and VxPrints for this precinct.

  • Make sure you have an Admin card, a Poll Worker card, and a few Voter cards.

  • For this precinct, set up and configure the VxEncode(s).

  • For this precinct, set up and configure the VxPrint with its printer.

  • Use the Admin Card on the VxPrint to print the test deck

  • Use the Admin Card to put the VxPrint in live election mode.

  • Turn off and pack up all machines (then move on to the next precinct.)