Integrated-Printer VxMark Checklist

This checklist should be run for each VxMark unit. You need Admin and Poll Worker cards.

  • Turn on the VxMark unit

  • If the machine is not in test mode (an orange box says "Testing Mode" if it is), then use the Admin card to place it in testing mode.

  • Use the Admin card to print a test deck for scanning L&A (make sure you have enough paper in the printer.) This task need only be run on one of the VxMark units, as you only need one test deck.

  • Confirm the Election ID, Election Name, Date, and Precinct Name in the sidebar

  • Insert Poll Worker Card and Confirm Poll Worker screen comes up

  • Confirm that all expected ballot styles show up as options for activation at top of screen

  • For each ballot style, run the Per Ballot Style Per VxMark Checklist

  • For one of the ballot styles selected at random, confirm that the entire ballot can be filled out and printed using only the audio track over headphones and the accessible controller.

  • Using the admin card, put the VxMark unit in "Live Election Mode"

  • Turn off the VxMark unit