VxMark Checklist

The VxMark checklist must be run for each VxMark. You will need an Admin card and a Poll Worker card. If you have not yet set up or configured your VxMarks, see the articles for Hardware Setup and Configuration.



  • Turn on the VxMark

  • Confirm the printer has plenty of paper

  • Put the VxMark in "Testing Mode" using the Admin card, if it is not already in "Testing Mode"

  • Confirm the Election ID, Election Name, Date, and Precinct Name in the sidebar

  • Insert Poll Worker card and confirm the Poll Worker screen comes up

  • Open Polls

  • Confirm that all expected ballot styles show up as options at top of screen

  • Run the Ballot Sub-Checklist for each ballot style

  • For one of the ballot styles selected at random, confirm that the entire ballot can be filled out and printed using only the audio track over headphones and the accessible controller

  • Close Polls

  • Put the VxMark in "Live Election Mode" using the Admin Card

In preparation for a later stage of L&A, use an Admin Card to print a full test deck from one of the VxMarks, not from every VxMark. See Printing VxMark Test Decks for instructions.