VxMark Hardware Setup

The VxMark ballot marking device gives voters the ability to mark their choices and print their ballot from a touchscreen.

VxMark Ballot Marking Device

Hardware Setup

VxMark can be set up in just a couple of minutes. Before you start, confirm that you have the black VxMark case, its associated printer, and enough table space to comfortably fit both. You can place the printer to the left or right of the black case.

Pop open the black case and you will find the folded privacy shield behind the top layer of foam. Set the privacy shield aside and replace the foam in the top of the case.

Within the case you'll see the touchscreen and, around it, the different components of the VxMark:

  • Headphones in the travel pouch on top of the screen. Remove the pouch and set it aside for now.

  • Power Adapter in the upper-left compartment. Remove the adapter and plug it into an outlet.

  • Accessible Controller in the lower-left compartment. Remove it and set it beside the case to the left.

  • Card Reader in the lower-right compartment. Leave this alone, it stays put.

  • Printer USB Cable in the mid-right compartment. Connect this to the back of the printer.

Remove the headphones from the padded envelope, set the envelope aside, and plug the headphones into the headphone jack of the accessible controller.

You can now power on the VxMark. The power button is located in the mid-right compartment (next to the printer cable), along the side of the screen. Press the power button firmly for 1 second and then release. You should see the card reader and accessible controller light up within 3-5 seconds.

In a polling station, you should then unfold the privacy shield and set it up just inside the frame of the case, around the screen: