Setting Up Precinct Scanner

The Precinct Scanner consists of two rigid blue bags - an inner ballot bag and an outer bag containing the ballot bag and the scanning technology:


In order to set up the precinct scanner for testing or use at a precinct, begin by placing it on a table. Unzip the outer bag's lid and let the lid rest on the side of the bag. Rotate the screen up so it is facing forward:

Confirm that the ballot bag is sitting within the precinct scanner and that the ballot bag is open. The ballot bag lid should be folded underneath.

Ask your election administrator whether you should use security seals to secure the ballot bag in place or whether there should already be seals in place.

Connecting to Power

The precinct scanner must be connected to power to operate. The power cable connects to the scanner on the its left side near the front and bottom of the outer bag. Plug the other end into an outlet.

Once plugged in, you can turn it on by pressing the power button on the upper left edge of the screen. The power button is recessed inside the plastic screen casing - you may need a pen or other thin object to reach and press the power button.