Precinct Configuration

VotingWorks can be configured in one of two layouts at the precinct.

  • Integrated-Printer Configuration: every VxMark unit comes with its own attached printer.

  • Standalone-Printer Configuration: all ballot printing happens at a separate print station.

VotingWorks recommends the Integrated-Printer Configuration for smaller precincts, with 3 or fewer VxMark units, and the Standalone-Printer Configuration for larger precincts, with 4 or more VxMark units. This minimizes the amount of equipment needed in a single precinct.

Integrated-Printer Configuration

In the integrated-printer configuration, there are only voting stations. Each voting station includes a VxMarkPrint and its attached printer. The voter's ballot prints as soon as they confirm their choices.

VxMarkPrint Voting Station

Standalone-Printer Configuration

In the standalone-printer configuration, there are three stations:

  • an encoding station where poll workers use a VxEncode to encode a ballot style on a voter card for voters to use.

  • a number of voting stations, where voters use their voter card to activate a VxMark and make their selections.

  • a printing station, where voters bring their voter card to print their ballot on a VxPrint.

Example Standalone-Printer Configuration with VxEncode, VxMark & VxPrint