Configure VxMark
Configuring VxMark requires an Admin Card - see Smart Cards for information on how to program Admin Cards for your election.
First, turn on your VxMark. You should see the following screen:
Simply insert your Admin Card into the card reader and you should see the following screen:
Tap the Load Election Definition and, within a few seconds, you should see the Admin screen:
Tap the Precinct drop-down menu and configure this VxMark for a specific precinct:
Your VxMark is now configured! You should be in Testing Mode. In Testing Mode, the VxMark will operate exactly as it does in "Live Election Mode" except:
  • All ballots printed will be test ballots that cannot be tabulated alongside live ballots
  • The starting screen and the Admin screen will indicate Testing Mode
Remove the Admin Card, and your VxMark is ready for L&A testing:
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