Configure VxMark
Configuring VxMark requires an Admin Card - see Smart Cards for information on how to program Admin Cards for your election.
First, turn on your VxMark. You should see the following screen:
Simply insert your Admin Card into the card reader and you should see the following screen:
Tap the Load Election Definition and, within a few seconds, you should see the Admin screen:
Tap the Precinct drop-down menu and configure this VxMark for a specific precinct:
Your VxMark is now configured! You should be in Testing Mode. In Testing Mode, the VxMark will operate exactly as it does in "Live Election Mode" except:
    All ballots printed will be test ballots that cannot be tabulated alongside live ballots
    The starting screen and the Admin screen will indicate Testing Mode
Remove the Admin Card, and your VxMark is ready for L&A testing:
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